In an effort to further grow my skillset through learning by doing... I have decided to take some of my favourite films and re-imagine them as potential sequel - tv series. Taking the fictional idea, that if these films are to be picked up in the ever growing style of tv drama adaptations by companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, i have set myself the "brief" of producing the title sequence.

The dark knight is the story of Bruce Wayne, and that was what i wanted to convey in this title sequence. The idea of directly shoring the external influences on his development as a character, without ever showing or referencing him until the end. The animation ended up being more of a homage to the series than a realistic title sequence (due mainly to the horrific amount of plot spoilers) but i wanted to focus purely on trying to convey Bruce's story and getting the tone of the piece correct. More of an experiment i guess.
Hope you like it!

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Designed, Directed, and Produced by Tim Gray

Music: The Dark Knight Rises official soundtrack by Hans Zimmer
Special thanks: Griffin Nikkel -
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